Fast Casual


Fast casual - Traditionally there have been three sectors in
the restaurant industry: fast food, casual dining, and fine
dining.  Fast casual fills the gap between fast food and
casual dining. Fast casual is characterized by:

  • In-line ordering
  • Made-to-order, higher quality food with more
    complex flavors than fast food restaurants.
  • Higher quality atmosphere with upscale décor.
  • Limited table service.
  • Average check between $8 - $15.

Fast casual is the fastest growing segment within
the restaurant industry.

Best in Class Brands

PhaseNext Hospitality plans to grow best of class concepts.*

              • Approachable
              • Convenience: fast dine and take out
              • Innovation / technology platforms
              • Craveable food & experience
              • Unique/authentic identity
              • Niche/quick casual







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