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Welcome to PhaseNext Hospitality


PhaseNext Hospitality is focused on becoming the preferred, premier minority and women owned business enterprise operator in non-traditional food service. 


PNH delivers fresh, high quality quick casual restaurant brands that meet the traveling public's ever-increasing demand for high quality food, service, hospitality and convenience.  We provide improved value propositions to non-traditional venues, enhancing travel experiences around the world.
A Sign of Hospitality

PineappleThe pineapple is the universal symbol of friendship and warm hospitality. Through the ages it has symbolised hospitality in many ways.

  • By architects and artisans to announce a warm welcome to guests.
  • As the crowning piece in food displays in social settings.
  • As an endearing gift - the exchange of a pineapple symbolizes the utmost in good cheer, welcome and warm affection

Fittingly the pineapple is the symbol for PNH where the sense of welcomeness, vitality and warmth is the cornerstone of the hospitality promise to our customers.

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